PIXILAB Blocks ®


Display   Control   Interact

PIXILAB develops software products and solutions for media-rich experiences in public spaces, corporate showrooms, museums, exhibitions and other arenas where people get together.

All-in-one Solution

It features a unique mix of content and display management, control system capabilities, interactive presentation and mobile guide functions.


Interactive Content on any display, projector, touch screen, TV or LED wall

Mobile devices

Any mobile phone, iPad or Android tablet can act as an audio/multi-media guide, No app required


Any lighting ficture from a simple HUE bulb to multi-channel moving heads using DMX512 and ArtNet


Tailor sound to your audiences’ preferences, multi-channel surround sound or complex soundscapes


Initiate actions on motion, distance, touch, mechanical input or other events, using simple GPIO triggers or industry-standard interfaces


Interaction based on the identity, placement and orientation of objects using RFID or NFC technology


Use GPS, Beacons, QR-codes and themed tokens to know who’s where, resulting in an immersive experience


Use tasks, scripts and variables behind the scenes – from simple conditions to complex programming

Large projections

Large-scale, edge-blended projection, geometry correction and 3D image mapping on buildings and other objects.

It’s all connected

Being a control system, Blocks connects
to your entire presentation environment.

Curious about what
Blocks can do for you?